Florida has more than Disney! A guide to non-Disney activities

Florida has more than Disney! A guide to non-Disney activities

Have you ever wondered what else is there in Florida besides Walt Disney World, Sea Word and other Orlando area attractions?  Well, look no further as what put together some interesting articles, guides and news that take you beyond the world famous theme parks and water parks in Central Florida.

Visiting Florida is more than just Disney – Florida Travel and Tourism

Every tourist town in Florida has already anticipated the needs of every age demographic in your family. With increasing skill and refinement, nearly every Florida museum, zoo, attraction, restaurant and hotel aims to please

10 Must-See Attractions on the Beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida

TravelWires – travel press release and travel news Turquoise seas and white sandy beaches are the main attractions here and one of the main reasons for the Island fast becoming the ‘Beach Wedding Capital of Florida‘.

Florida Travel Tips: Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Florida Travel Tips: Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. Every time I am back in my home state I find new little corners to visit. Places that I, quite frankly, never paid any attention to  when I lived there. I think it’s one of the great

Kayak and Fish at Cedar Key Natural North Florida

While Cedar Key is the name of the town that actually sits on Cedar Key and Way Key, the vast majority of fishable water flows through an archipelago of tiny unnamed islands between these islands and the mainland. Some of

Free Florida Travel Guide – North Central Florida

Florida-Backroads-Travel is your free Florida travel guide to North Central Florida. From Monticello to Tallahassee, Gainesville and Cedar Key. Rural, small towns and super college football.

A guide to six non-Disney activities in Florida

If you are looking for activities such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and canoeing like activities, there are helpful resources such as guides and publication pulled together in one convenient spot here.

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